Beyond Affliction: Charity 1870 - 1930

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Charity 1870 - 1930

From 1870 - 1930 there was a tremendous increase in the role of local service clubs, secular groups who organized for fellowship, shared interests, and mutual support. Groups like the Rotary Club, the Lions, Kiwanis, Shriners all made major contributions to building the nation's infrastructure of medical facilities and services that provided care to people with disabilities. Even in this early period, their fund drives used public relations sophisticated for their day. But when Franklin Roosevelt begins to organize the March of Dimes, the public service announcement comes to maturity and public relations experts begin to create the modern media promotional campaign. People with disabilities have virtually no authority or representation in how these organizations provide services or raise funds.

Edgar "Daddy" Allen Rise of the Service Clubs
Franklin D. Roosevelt The Rise of Professionals and Institutions
Peddler's Cards Elyria, Ohio